Bra, my Love

Bra, my Love

“Don’t apologize for living / For speaking, singing, and shouting / It’s the least we can do / When we want to exist.”

This excerpt sets the tone for the anthology of poems by journalist Sophie Carquain, Bra, My Love. With concise and impactful verses, she addresses various feminist struggles.
The author draws from her firsthand experiences as the raw material for her poetry. Her bold and insightful writing puts words to everyday injustices, while emphasizing the importance of sisterhood and self-acceptance. With Bra, My Love, Sophie Carquain reflects on her journey from the early feminist battles to the #MeToo movement. A dynamic invitation to all girls and women to stand tall and be heard!

Age: 15+

Pages : 192

Size: 14 x 21 cm

ISBN : 9782889086528

Publication: 2023

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