Since birth, Polly’s gender has been the subject of incessant questioning. Polly, he? Polly, she? There’s an urgency to label Polly. The doctor presses the parents to make a choice, and it’s decided that Polly shall be a boy. But now, having reached adulthood, Polly has doubts… A boy? Really? Not a girl either… The playwright Fabrice Melquiot presents a compelling story of a inner journey that gradually grows into a struggle against societal norms, and the pressure to conform. The troubling beauty of Isabelle Pralong’s illustrations makes Polly a unique graphic novel, on a thematic that is still little addressed in literature.

Age: +13

Pages : 152 pages

Size: 17 x 24 cm

Rights sold: all rights available

ISBN : 9782889085606

Publication: 2021

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