Mysteries of pandemics

Mysteries of pandemics

What even is a virus? Despite being in the headlines for the last three years, we still know surprisingly little about them. In this latest addition to the Mysteries of Knowledge collection, Swiss journalist and writer Christophe Gallaz delves into the origin and proliferation of Covid-19 and viruses in general. But there’s a twist – the narrator of this “encyclopaedic” narrative is none other than the coronavirus itself! Rather than simply existing within the peripheries of the life cycle, viruses play a critical role within our ecosystem. An ecological and profoundly humanistic perspective, reaching beyond polemics, to emphasise the importance of research. This captivating exploration of the mystery of pandemics is illustrated by Rémi Farnos.

Age: 13+

Pages : 96

Size: 14 x 21 cm

ISBN : 978-2-88908-592-7

Publication: 2023

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