The president of the world

The president of the world

The President of the World is a very busy man. His phone rings non-stop and all the urgent, confidential and priority cases are just too much for him to handle. Not to mention his advisers who dream of promotion and who are getting on his nerves as much as the press that keeps asking indiscrete questions. But one day a monster escapes from the lake At-the-very-top and threatens the city. Suddenly there’s panic everywhere! The president doesn’t know what to do anymore and calls his mum, just like he always does when he’s completely lost. However, she just tells him to do nothing and to come home to eat his roasted leg of lamb before it’s cold. But the monster has not yet had the last word on this. The President of the World is a funny story for both children and adults that takes a glance on politics. The striking colours and Albertine’s generous lines combined with Germano Zullo’s very special and subtle sense of humour work wonders.

Age: 6+

Pages : 52

Size: 23 x 31 cm

Rights sold: Korea and Argentina (Spanish worldwide)

ISBN : 978-2-88908-333-6

Publication: 2016

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