“Roger Trotter and Jumping Jack are champions in show jumping. They are practically invincible because they constitute a very harmonious team.” But nevertheless, the day of the international Saint-Alor-sur-Fleur contest, Jumping Jack performs in a very disappointing way, a way that is even worst than a hobbyist’s way… What is happening? Roger Trotter is ready for anything in order to get Jumping Jack’s foot on a ladder. Destination: the doctor’s office. Complete check-up, strong vitamins treatment, sessions with a psychologist and strict bed rest. Yet, Jumping Jack’s cause of failure will be common and very easy to treat. One just needed to think about it… A nice, funny and spirited fable just as the Germano Zullo and Albertine duo knows to do. It is fresh and colorful. Germano plays with words and Albertine with colors.

Prix Enfantaisie 2014

Age: 4+

Pages : 40

Size: 23 x 31 cm

Rights sold: Germany, Spain, Brasil, Slovenia and Iran

ISBN : 978-2-88908-185-1

Publication: 2013

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