My sweet little one

My sweet little one

A mother slowly turns round with her baby in her arms, her chid, her little one, who grows up imperceptibly while she whispers to him sweet words, telling him their story. The child grows to a man and it’s the mother who begins to shorten more and more…
A book about motherhood, about love, that can be read as a flipbook. A round, a farandole, telling with poetry the circle of life. For this book, Albertine uses only a grey pencil. Germano Zullo’s simple words, allied to the pure drawings of Albertine, bring even more intensity and emotion to the strory.



Age: Tout public

Pages : 88

Size: 15 x 21 cm

Rights sold: Spanish (worldwide), Catalonia, Korean, Turkish, Italian, English (worldwide), Portuguese (Brazil), Polish and Estonian

ISBN : 9782889085675

Publication: 2021

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