The cat thingamajig

The cat thingamajig

A funny and absurd tale, the cat Thingamajig is an absolutely delightful text.
The cat Thingamajig lives in a family that includes Dad, Mom and Babette. One evening, at supper, Dad, scandalized, says that Cat Thingamajig eats too much and that with what he eats we could easily feed ten Indians. A thought that directly cuts off the poor beast’s appetite. As he eats less and less and becomes sad, the family starts to worry.
The Cat Thingamajig has heard of yogis in India who eat very little, float in the air in their room and can go out in the snow wrapped in a wet sheet, stay outside for three days without eating and then come back in, still alive and even with the sheet totally dried… One day the Cat Thingamajig has a vision…
The illustrations work wonders on this completely crazy, nonsensical (or almost…) text, worthy of the great masters of the absurd such as Ionesco or Beckett. For young and old without moderation….



Age: 6+

Pages : 36

Size: 23 x 28 cm

Rights sold: All rights available

ISBN : 978-2-88908-470-8

Publication: 2019

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