It was a morning

It was a morning

Millie is a mouse who enjoys writing about snow, animals, plants… but also about her loneliness and her anticipation. But what is she waiting for exactly? A joyous event… seven, to be precise! And another surprise guest! She daydreams and ponders, all while continuing to type on her computer. To overcome the solitude of winter, she clings to this certainty: soon her burrow will be filled with noise and joy. But how much longer will she have to wait?

Sylvie Neeman and Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet combine their talents to create a picture book full of poetry and hope, reminding us to savour the little things in daily life before a joyful upheaval… A timeless gift for newborns and their families.

Age: 5+

Pages : 56

Size: 17 x 24 cm

ISBN : 9782889086412

Publication: 2023

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