They’re coming!

They’re coming!

“That’s it. I hear them. This is them. I’m sure this is them. I don’t see them, but I hear them. Where are they? How many are they? Hundred? Thousand? (…)” Whose are we talking about? From whom the young pretty red-haired girl with blue and yellow polka dot skirt is scared? Fantastic and terrifying beasts? Bloodthirsty monsters? Wolves with green-hair and sharpened claws? Big and starving ogres? Who is this young lady? An exhilarating album about start of the school year with teacher point of view. The first day of school is a scary moment for children and teachers too. Being a grown-up is not always easy… Vivid and dense colors, round and dynamic lines, Albertine’s sense of humour, Sylvie Neeman’s fine and suspenseful text make this album funny and in the good mood.

Age: À partir de 4 ans

Pages : 40

Size: 20 x 27 cm

Rights sold: German, Spanish (worldwide), and Chinese

ISBN : 978-2-88908-531-9

Publication: 2018

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