Seven red roses for Rachel

Seven red roses for Rachel

Elena is upset. She has to accompany her mother to an Italian village in the middle of nowhere to settle a family affair instead of staying in Geneva to party with her musician lover and his friends. Her grandma Rachel, her mum’s mother, has died and they have to sign a sales contract for the house. On site the plot thickens as the real estate agents refuse to empty the house, which they consider haunted. For many people in the village Rachel was a witch, an old madwoman they sometimes saw dancing with a ghost at night… in this bleak village in the Italian countryside, the people believe in spirits and ghosts and know that they shouldn’t be messed with. What secret did her grandmother hide? And who is this ghost that’s talking to Elena?

Seven Red Roses for Rachel is a novel about the torments of adolescence and about the power of love. Marie-Christophe Ruata-Arn’s wonderful storytelling thrusts us delightfully into a mesmerising Italy, timeless and baked by the sun. This novel is a joyous and exciting foray into the world of spirits.

Age: 11+

Pages : 272

Size: 13 x 18.5 cm

ISBN : 978-2-88908-396-1

Publication: 2018

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