Roland The Elephant celebrates Christmas

Roland The Elephant celebrates Christmas

Today is not just any old day…it’s Christmas Eve! And Roland, who doesn’t do anything by halves, goes all out for Christmas! He cleans the house top to bottom, groomed himself from ears to toes, and in the kitchen delicious smells fill the air. Roland even prepares a tasty snack for Santa’s reindeer because they’re known to be fond of treats. Nighttime approaches, and little Zoe refuses to go to bed. She wants to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus when he comes. To distract her, Roland tells her a story: the time when Jose the tree started talking… Join Mézel’s big-eared little character for a wonderful Christmas Eve, sprinkled with festive magic!

Age: 4+

Pages : 64

Size: 17 x 20 cm

ISBN : 9782889086511

Publication: 2023

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