Doing nothing else but being happy

Doing nothing else but being happy

It’s wonderful to tell people you love them at Christmas, and why not say it with a book? In his new picture album, Benoît Broyart gives voice to a couple reflecting on their relationship, the disapproving glances they have received, but above all, the joy of finding one another. The text unfolds as a dialogue that can be read in one sitting or as a series of portraits of lovers. Brought to life through Csil’s beautifully unconventional illustrations: a rabbit and a badger gaze into each other’s eyes, a lion holds a pigeon by the shoulders, and two giraffes in swimsuits embrace These striking differences serve as a reminder that when we love each other, there is nothing else to do but be happy, regardless of the judgment of others.

Age: Tout public

Pages : 40

Size: 17 x 24 cm

ISBN : 9782889086573

Publication: 2023

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