Duo Mambo

Duo Mambo

This story is like that of many couples. Two people meet, fall in love, almost break up, and then keep each other company, sometimes for their whole lives. In Duo Mambo, the couple’s evolution is transformed into a fascinating pas de deux. As the pages turn, the dance figures performed by the two protagonists reveal the various stages of their life together. Words accompany the illustrations to underline this progression with delicate simplicity. But will the duo remain on stage until the final curtain falls? 

Authors Wei Middag and Aurele Arima join forces to follow the trajectory of a couple in all its phases through the cleverly spun metaphor of dance. 

Age: All ages

Pages : 80

Size: 15 x 21 cm

Rights sold: Sold to Korea

ISBN : 9782889086184

Publication: 2023

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