Marietta with the clowns

Marietta with the clowns

This is what Corinna Bille wrote to a friend after returning from a trip to Ticino: “In the evening, I found Veyras as I had left it and the weather and the stars as beautiful as in Ticino. And while drinking tea and eating peanuts for my supper, I started to write a new story for the children. The setting of Verscio, the Centovalli, the Teatro Dimitri, the puppets that no longer exist, and this family of clowns with six or seven children living in these vast, extraordinary houses, all appealed to me so much that I invented a new Pinocchio, but one who is a girl, a clown, and Swiss. She is adopted by the Dimitri family. All kinds of adventures happen to her. Finally, I got passionate and amused.”
This story is put into images by Albertine, with the talent we know.

Age: 6+

Pages : 80

Size: 20 X 21.5 cm

ISBN : 978-2-88258-193-8

Publication: 2001

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