Wandering paths

Wandering paths

It’s Wednesday! Nour and her friend Felix spend the afternoon at Malika’s house, the little girl’s aunt. And a surprise awaits them: Malika suggests they take a walk alone on the main street. She simply recommends that they walk “straight ahead”. Flashing signs, a toy store, a cinema – there’s so much to see and do on the main street! But Nour and Felix are quickly disappointed by the crowded sidewalks. Thankfully, Nour notices a small path winding alongside the bakery, which leads them to an orchard! A second path takes them to the beach, and a third leads them to a forest where they play hide-and-seek with fox cubs. The best adventures are found off the beaten path!

Age: 5+

Pages : 32 (book with cut-outs)

Size: 29 x 20 cm

ISBN : 9782889086542

Publication: 2023

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