It’s Friday, and as Gabriel leaves school, the world outside is bustling. His head is buzzing with thoughts – poems, songs, multiplication tables – as well as memories of all of the tensions and harder moments from the past week at school. Mum is waiting for him at the gates, and they hurry because traffic is bad and they are in a rush. A storm is brewing, which makes Gabriel feel uneasy, so he tries searching his mind for reassuring sensations. In the car, as his mother chats away, Gabriel is lost in his thoughts. At last they reach their destination – his grandfather’s house, surrounded by the sky, fields and forest of the countryside. His grandfather knows the name of all the stars, and he knows how to be peaceful and content.

Age: 3+

Pages : 32

Size: 28 x 24 cm

Rights sold: Sold to Korea and China

ISBN : 9782889085170

Publication: 2021

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