Love and its faces

In S. Corinna Bille’s writing, tenderness is always a little grating, as if to better define the cruel afflictions of love. Through four short stories where dreamlike and real life come together in a delicious harmony, the great female figure of the French-speaking world explores the different forms that love can take: the one that can only be found after a long search, the jealous possessiveness of a mother, the benevolent devotion of another, and finally, those loves that, by dint of not being said, never have the chance to be lived.

In this new collection of “La petite bibliothèque de S. Corinna Bille”, the words of the writer are sublimated by the finesse and lyricism of the palette of the swiss artist Anna Sommer. The colourful illustrations bring out the depth of the love stories told by S. Corinna Bille.

Age: 8+

Pages : 80

Size: 15 x 21 cm

Rights sold: All rights available

ISBN : 9782889085347

Publication: 2020

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