The bad luck catcher (volume 2)

The bad luck catcher (volume 2)

Volume 2: From forests to drills 

Fabrice Hadjadj continues the adventures of his extraordinary hero, with all the verve and intensity of the first book of The bad luck catcher series. Now a young man, Jakob is allied with Ragar and is determined to seek revenge on Emperor Altemore, and rescue from his clutches Princess Vérène, who must marry the emperor to secure peace between the empire and her father’s kingdom. But things turn out to be trickier than anticipated, especially when Jakob finds Clara, his childhood sweetheart…

In this second opus, appearances are more deceptive than ever, and evil isn’t to be found where one would expect it. Blending political intrigue with love triangles, Fabrice  Hadjadj continues to surprise, taking us to the very heart of some of the soul’s trials and tribulations.

Age: 13+

Pages : 480

Size: 14 x 21 cm

Rights sold: All rights available

ISBN : 9782889085477

Publication: 2021

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