Hercule at the seaside

Hercule at the seaside

Hercule à la plage is an all public play for four actors, exploring conformism, normality (in relation to super-hero’s proliferation in general public fiction), time, alias, memory, invisibility, mythology. Hercule à la plage is at the same time a dramatic comedy, a play based around a chorus of characters and a saga. This is the story of two boys and one girl who are flirting with each other and with the disaster of time. How do people meet? And then, how to protect love over time? Otherwise, how to breakup? And, more important, can we be satisfied with being ordinary people?

Age: 12+

Pages : 128

Size: 24 x 13.5 cm

Rights sold: All rights available

ISBN : 978-2-88908-481-4

Publication: 2019

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