Seraphine at school

Seraphine at school

It’s back-to-school time for Seraphine! She is reunited with her friends, and makes some new ones too, including the lively Jean-Jean. They are warmly welcomed by their teacher, Violette, and in the classroom, the children are encouraged to learn at their own pace. When it’s time for recess, Seraphine and her friends discover a magical playground. Next, it’s time for gym class, followed by art. Suddenly the bell rings and its already time to go home! Seraphine can’t wait to come back to school tomorrow! In this new adventure, filled with vibrant and whimsical illustrations, Albertine opens the doors to the school of every child’s dreams.

Age: 1+

Pages : 16

Size: 26 x 34 cm

Rights sold: Italy

ISBN : 9782889086405

Publication: 2023

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