For tomorrow and beyond

For tomorrow and beyond

Right from the start, the new album by Albertine and Germano Zullo intrigues. Two characters engage in conversation – one is busy assembling colourful stones, while the other asks the purpose of the construction. The first character replies vaguely “it’s for tomorrow.” Confused, the second  character asks, “will won’t know until tomorrow what your creation is for?” The answer comes: “Yes”. Satisfied with this response, he decides to join in. As the story unfolds, other characters stop to look at this growing construction of colourful stones. The same questions arise, the same answers are given. And newcomers join our builders of tomorrow. Through this repetitive question-and-answer sequence, readers see the construction growing. The final word belongs to the reader as they ponder the essence of collective cooperation for a better future.

Age: All public

Pages : 56

Size: 27 x 24 cm

ISBN : 9782889086429

Publication: 2023

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