Milton’s universe

Milton’s universe

Milton is back…finally! Explore some of Milton’s favourite places – his mistress Haydé’s studio, the laundry room, the vet’s waiting room, the garden, the rooftops, and the riverbank.
Each double page spread is teaming with detail, and readers will delight in searching for Milton and his friends – there’s Hector the tabby cat, baby Milton, a dragonfly, a little spider dangling from her web, and the cheeky mouse hiding under a bowl.
This black and white album is delicate, amusing, and wonderfully subtle – evident in both the artistic technique and the charmingly evocative scenery.

Age: 2+

Pages : 16

Size: 26 x 34

Rights sold: All rights available

ISBN : 978-2-88908-496-8

Publication: 2020

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