The engineers

The engineers

“The Engineers” tells the story of two very resourceful little characters, known in the kingdom for their inventiveness: from a young age, they were able to repair and make everything work as well as invent incredible objects.
One day, the Queen summons them for a very important mission: they have to build five energy collectors around the castle before the five moons line up again. With a backpack on their back, off they go… Through fields, cliffs and virgin forest, they travel around the country and carry out their mission. But when they return, they are thrown in the dungeon… The Queen then shows her true colors. The only thing she has an interest in is using the new moon powered machine to drill through rocks and recover the diamonds inside them.
A comic designed a bit like a video game with, under each page, a sort of progress bar, like a timeline, that allows you to know where the story stands. The smart and crafty characters are very endearing, the story is funny, refreshing and full of adventures!

Age: 6+

Pages : 40

Size: 19 x 25 cm

Rights sold: All rights available

ISBN : 978-288908-468-5

Publication: 2019

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