Two billionaires, Agenor-Agobar Poirier des Chapelles and Willigis Kittycly Junior, build their new house, real sky-scrapers. And it is to the one who will build the highest. They take the advantage alternately, until one day, when the architects make them understand that it became impossible to continue. The two billionaires belong this day to perfect “equality of height”, do not want to listen to reason and decide to continue the competition alone, without architects, without engineers, without workers and without house personnel …
A beautiful fable on the madness of men, a humorous criticism of the modern world, the competition at all costs and of “always more”.

Age: 6+

Pages : 48

Size: 16 x 37 cm

Rights sold: USA, Taiwan, Greece, Spain, China and Italy

ISBN : 978-2-88908-078-6

Publication: 2011

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