The blue book

The blue book

At bedtime Seraphine and her father read their favourite book – the blue book. So begins a fabulous adventure. They arrive in a tropical jungle. She feels scared, but her father reassures her: “with the big blue book, there is nothing more fun than getting lost”. They doze off underneath the branches of a tall tree, and when Seraphine opens her eyes, her mother is there. They set off in a southerly direction and discover wonderful landscapes, but before long it’s time to go home. Seraphine is disappointed, but her mother comforts her: “You can’t discover everything all at once”. 

Sélection du Prix des lecteurs du Var 2023

Age: 5+

Pages : 104

Size: 24 x 29 cm

Rights sold: Italy, Spain and Catalonia

ISBN : 9782889086092

Publication: 2022

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