Le Colibri

Le Colibri

On the roof of his apartment building, Célestin escapes the silence that has engulfed his parents. He is sometimes visited by his big brother Célin, who has become a sky explorer. From her flat, Lotte observes him. Between them, a friendship blossoms against a backdrop of pre-adolescent awkwardness, and a shared desire to escape a daily life that has lost, too soon, the innocence of childhood. When Célin places a hummingbird in Célestin’s hands, a period of waiting begins for him and Lotte. The tiny bird’s eyes remain closed – it’s in torpor and needs time. But Lotte learns that she is leaving for New Zealand. Things might need to speed up…


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  • Switzerland Children’s Book Prize 2023

Age: 12+

Pages : 160

Size: 17 x 24 cm (livre audio)

ISBN : 9782889085934

Publication: 2022

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