The Most Beautiful Dress in the World

The Most Beautiful Dress in the World

Who said finding a new dress was easy? The little heroine of Tomo Miura’s new album is offered three dresses… but none are quite right! The first one – given to her by her older sister because she has outgrown it – doesn’t want to be put on. His mother cuts a second one out of an old skirt, but this one dances in all directions. The third one, given to her by her father, is no good either! Will our little heroine manage to find a dress that fits her? 

With The Most Beautiful Dress in the World, Tomo Miura addresses the importance of constructing ones identity by exchanging with others, but also, and above all, by listening to oneself. A book with colourful and expressive illustrations offering children a first approach to notions of identity. 

Age: 3+

Pages : 40 pages

Size: 20 x 20 cm

Rights sold: Sold to Spain and Korea

ISBN : 9782889086191

Publication: 2023

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