Match day

Match day

Welcome – live on Gazon Ballon TV for the 2018 mega cup finals, a match between AS Pédant-Monfort, the underdog of this championship, and FC Vandeleck, the undisputed favourite! The game is kicked off and gets underway. Antoine Trouvé has put all his passion for football in this cartoon teeming with details. Everything is there: the sponsors, the shouting, the free kicks and corners, the locker rooms, the challenges… in short, all the commedia dell’arte that turns a match into a real spectacle.
Drawn in black and white, bold, fierce and funny,

Age: 6+

Pages : 40

Size: 19 x 25 cm

Rights sold: All rights available

ISBN : 978-2-88908-414-2

Publication: 2018

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