Jean-Blaise is in love

Jean-Blaise is in love

Have you ever seen a cat fall in love with a fish? With the humorous and uninhibited duo of Emilie Boré and Vincent, anything is possible…even the most improbable of love stories! In this new album, we reunite with Jean-Blaise, who is happily living with Dr. Gruffi and freely embracing his bird-like nature. But his unexpected encounter with Tsubasa, the goldfish, stirs him to the depths of his soul. Tsubasa, too, is left stunned by our silly cat. Will this surprising love story (which will surprise more than just the two main characters) stand a chance against societal norms? Initially, it seems doubtful. But that is without considering the kindness of Dr. Gruffi, who once again encourages Jean-Blaise to see beyond the barriers imposed by convention. 

Age: 5+

Pages : 72

Size: 19 x 24.5 cm

ISBN : 9782889086597

Publication: 2024

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