Elisa et Selma

Elisa et Selma

The two sisters Elisa and Selma are lost in a valley and can’t find the way back to their grandma’s house on the other side of the mountain. Luckily they meet two funny individuals: Stethos and Funnel (“Entonnoir”) who are willing to take them to Shoe (“Chaussure”) who might be able to help them. But in order to reach her, they have to cross a labyrinth full of trolls… Though, when they arrive at their destination, Shoe has bad news: She can’t do anything for them because she broke her magic crystal. To get a new crystal for Shoe, the two girls and their companions have to go through a spooky tunnel with strange inscriptions. Unfortunately, when they get back, Shoe has disappeared and scary trolls have blocked their way… Each time the girls have to pass another obstacle, the readers too have to find their way on the paper, go through a labyrinth, think and use their imagination to go on with the story.

Age: 6+

Pages : 40

Size: 19 x 25 cm

ISBN : 9782889083398

Publication: 2016

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