Let’s change!

Let’s change!

Let’s Change is a book without words that conveysa highly topical ecological message. It shows a city that grows and spreads in length and height until it suffocates under concrete, toxic fumes and pollution. Not a square centimetre of greenery remains; even the citizens escape from this hell. But nature always ends up regaining its rights and spaces. Francesco Giustozzi’s strong and graphic drawings as well as the way he plays with colours and shapes – geometric ones for buildings and soft ones for trees – make it easy to do without words. This ecological tale will resonate in each and every one of us. Humans are a part of nature and it is by respecting nature that we respect our fellow humans. A book that everybody should have, even the smallest of us!

Age: 5+

Pages : 40

Size: 16 X 23 cm

ISBN : 978-2-88908-377-0

Publication: 2017

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