Milton when I was a child

Milton when I was a child

Milton, Haydé’s waggish black and white cat, comes back to tell us about his new adventures… or rather his former adven-tures. Indeed, Milton remembers his debut in life, and notably his arrival at his owner’s place, when he was a kitten. He remembers his red pillow, his home’s warmth, the foolish things he used to do but also the way he was punished, the well-known airbrush…
One will be happy to recognize Haydé’s “touch” and style of drawing (Indian ink and felt-tip pen), her clever framing and her humour.

Prix Tatou Rose, 2013

Âge : 2+

Pages : 32

Format : 18 x 14

ISBN : 9782889081233

Publication : 2012

    Auteur(s) et illustrateur(s) :
  • Haydé /

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