Simone Veil, I am writing to you

Simone Veil, I am writing to you

When Simone Veil dies, Mona notices tears rolling down her grandmother Tita’s cheeks. Mona asks her if she knew her personally, and Tita tells her that she did not. But the teenager is curious and decides to find out more about Simone Veil’s youth, resolving to pay tribute to her with a letter. She discovers another side of the late politician: that of an impatient young girl who stood up to those around her, and with whom she could have been friends. Mona follows Simone in the sunny city of Nice, in the camps until liberation, up until the right to abortion. Perhaps she will discover her grandmother’s secrets.

Age: 13+

Pages : 120

Size: 14 x 21 cm

ISBN : 9782889086061

Publication: 2022

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