The land of Vegetanimals

The land of Vegetanimals

In infinite space, a funny little man in a diving suit landed on a planet with his flying saucer. This planet was inhabited by creatures that were half-animal, half-vegetable. Accompanied by a curious and talkative pearfox, he crosses the planet in search of the ship on which his ancestors travelled and which must have crashed somewhere. The communication between him and the pearfox is difficult because they don’t speak the same language but little by little they manage to understand each other. Spied on by the other inhabitants, the couple faces various dangers. The pearfox is fascinated by the stranger and impressed when the latter defeats the terrible radinosaurus. But is the stranger really what he claims to be? What happened to his ancestors? Will he find them? Like in his previous book, Alcibiade, published by La Joie de lire in 2015, Rémi Farnos Alcibiade
brings the reader on a real adventure that children love, with funny creatures, monsters, a hostile environment and trials to win. Suspense, humour, twists… Rémi Farnos excels in the art of storytelling !

Age: 6+

Pages : 40

Size: 19 x 25 cm

ISBN : 9782889083626

Publication: 2017

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