Kiki the ant

Kiki the ant

In a hole somewhere, called Trifouillis-Les-Oies, Kiki the ant dreams of Paris. One morning, she gathers her belongings together and ends up there. But for an ant from the countryside, the city of lights is not an easy thing to stomach, event though Canaille the pigeon is watching over her…
This new album by Éva Offredo has a Parisian touch. After Matcha the frog and the colour green, this time Eva honours the colour red in this album full of humour and fantasy when it comes to both the drawings and the text. Thanks to Kiki the ant we can discover a Paris that was believed to be lost… the Paris of small bistros and cobbled streets. It feels like a song by Renaud! Such a nostalgic Paris!

Age: 5+

Pages : 40

Size: 15 x 20 cm

ISBN : 9782889083602

Publication: 2017

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