KHAT, diary of a refugee

KHAT, diary of a refugee

On 17 June 2018, the Aquarius docked in the port of Valencia. On board: a hundred migrants. Ximo Abadía tells the story of one of the anonymous people he met. Nathan, a young Eritrean, began his journey when he was still very young. To escape dictatorship, his family flee for Ethiopia, but the situation in the neighbouring country is not much better. Soon Nathan’s life becomes a living hell. Hunger and misery, however, do not dampen his optimism and, above all, his instinct to survive. After a succession of stays in prison, he decides to do everything he can to reach Europe…

A powerful comic book that combines an intriguing economy of words with brilliantly abstract illustrations.

Translator: Anne Calmels et David Schalvelzon (spanish)

Age: 12+

Pages : 144

Size: 21 x 28

Rights sold: Italy

ISBN : 9782889085965

Publication: 2022

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