Funny Encyclopedia Animals

Funny Encyclopedia Animals

The snow white, the hunters, the disappeared, the noisy, the gigantic, the nervous, the endangered… What a very personal way to classify animals. Adrienne’s work is as much a scientific research than a titanic process of colouring. Proof of this is that the illustrator looked at the case of her 216 pages encyclopaedia for a year-long. Patchwork of tints or gradations, she stages with humour, and in her own way, many and varied animals in their natural environment: from the leopard lounging on a branch to the smiling hippopotamus on the bottom of the water or the worried owl into the dark night.

A beautiful piece of work that reminds one of the encyclopaedias of yesteryear, but in a much more funny way…

Prix Jeunesse et Médias 2015

Age: Tout public

Pages : 216

Size: 18 x 25 cm

Rights sold: Sold to Poland, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Simple Chinesse, English (world), Russian, Brazil, Complex Chinese (Taiwan), Korean, Ukraine, Czech, Romanian, Swedish, Catalan, Vietnamese.

ISBN : 978-2-88908-187-5

Publication: 2013

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