This coloring book is above all a beautiful book.
It contains about forty original illustrations of Albertine and about forty silhouettes to color, paint, decorate. But the child, while drawing, doesn’t see the work of Albertine which is still behind the silhouette, so he is not influenced and can give free rein to his talent. The thick paper allows everyone to express oneself as he wishes and each detachable page can then be displayed…
The kids’rooms (or adults!) will become real art galleries! Wacky characters, monsters of all kinds, weird masks, improbable costumes… Albertine’s universe is concentrated here: love of clothing and fashion, humor, taste of colors… Albertine has fun and also amuses us with colors and funny details!

Age: All ages

Pages : 86

Size: 36 x 26 cm

Rights sold: Italy and Spain

ISBN : 978-2-88908-460-9

Publication: 2019

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